The girl who travels… Doesn’t need to date

The girl who travels is the happy, confident girl that lights up the room when she enters. She is accustomed to meeting new people and doesn’t find it difficult to make friends out of strangers. Because of her fun loving nature she has amazing friends all around the world. She may have brief relationships in each place she settles but her friends remain her priority. She will never want to give up a night out with her pals or go home early because you want her to.
The girl who travels is opinionated. During her travels she encounters various and diverse opinions. She will appreciate your differences but also loves a healthy debate when she feels passionately about something. She is able to speak for herself and does not need a man to speak for her.
The girl who travels is passionate about life. Her desire to make the most out of each and every day will always come first. Keeping a guy happy is second to making herself happy. It’s not selfish. She knows that you only get to do each day once and wants it to be the best possible experience it can be. Each day isn’t always full of bungee jumps and sky dives but it’s her positive attitude and perspective on the days events that turn an unexceptional day into something special.
The girl who travels likes to share her happiness with others. In her friendships and relationships she loves to make others happy and make them feel special. She can do this easily because she is always happy in herself. She doesn’t need a man in her life to ‘complete’ her. To truly live is to experience and with each new experience she is growing and completing herself. She does not need anyone else to make her feel whole.
The girl who travels is strong. At times, she enjoys the comfort of a cuddle and hug when times are tough but her true strength comes from within. Each time she overcomes a hurdle thrown at her by the inevitable mixed fortunes of life, she becomes more confident in herself and her abilities to independently conquer any problem.
Love is a core component of living and while it is common practice to look for love in others, the love of ourselves and the world around us is often overlooked. The word love refers to a feeling of respect and endearment that we humans can have for everything in existence, including ourselves. Therefore, finding someone to fall in love with is not a priority of the girl that travels as she is too busy finding love in everything that surrounds her. She loves her life, her family and her friends. She loves the experiences she has and the places she’s been. She has learned that if you love your life it will love you right back 🙂