My Five Favourite … Beaches

It’s no secret that I love to travel and while a new city is full of bustling life and excitement, nothing soothes my soul like the sound of waves crashing along a beautiful beach. I have feasted my eyes upon many dazzling beaches in Brazil, Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia and Costa Rica to mention a few but here are my favourites so far.

Lanikai, Hawaii

This beach seriously was something out of a movie or a photoshopped travel brochure. Simply stunning! What a treat to escape the crowds of Waikiki and be graced with this divine beach all to ourselves. Several houses are built right along the beach’s edge and the lucky owners have their kayaks and other sporting paraphanaelia sitting on the sand ready for fun. Oh how I’d love to live here!!

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Famous for its white sand, which is due to its 98% silica content, it is also popular for its jewellery polishing abilities. NASA also used this powdery sand for the Hubble Telescope. We visited this beach while on a three day sailing trip around the Whitsundays. It was my first experience of no mobile phone coverage but I could definitely get used to living on a boat!

Bondi Beach, Sydney

I could go on forever about how amazing Sydney is but I don’t think that there’s anyone who could dispute its reputation for boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Broome Beach, Western Australia

After a five day drive from Perth, this indeed was a sight to behold. Long stretches of gloriously golden sands, virtually empty… Paradise. Also for the more active beach goers there are camel rides available!

Doonbeg, Ireland

Ireland has miles of beautiful coastline with gorgeous beaches such as Doonbeg in Co. Clare. It’s just one of many that are an hours drive from my home town. All Ireland needs now is the weather!!!>